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We’ve upgraded our Photo webpage with one-of-a-kind colour photographs of luminescent organisms.

A fresh study indicates that over 3/4ths of these macroscopic organisms dwelling in the water heavy water column are bioluminescent.

A comprehensive post by Stephanie Yin talks concerning the hunt for chemical sources of bioluminescence at Quanta Magazine.

An intriguing article by Ferris Jabr concerning the cultural heritage of bioluminescence was published at Hakai Magazine.

E. Newton Harvey, among the pioneers of bioluminescence study, wrote a book that’s currently available online, known as The Annals of Luminescence.

Relating to this “shining” sea turtle, and also the “shining” shark: All these animals aren’t bioluminescent — they’ve some autofluorescence inside their skin and shell. (The usage of the phrases biofluorescence and shining makes things confusing.) It’s not being excited by UV light but instead by light that is blue. There’s not any significance of the result. Since they contain keratin your fingernails will fluoresce. The turtle includes some algae luminous on its own shell, which is currently supplying the fluorescence. All of chlorophyll fluoresces red. A monkey could be believed to fluoresce in this manner.

National Geographic Magazine includes a well-written post about bioluminescence from Olivia Judson. In addition they used our works diagram as the foundation for their (marginally) animated picture.

A historical publication by E. Newton Harvey, among the pioneers of bioluminescence study, is currently available for downloading in Project Gutenberg. Report it in the jellywatch website.

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we’ve included a section describing the many roles which bioluminescence functions from the sea, and upgraded the tree of existence. Here we post responses to questions which were delivered over recent years to us.

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