Rain forest Going Extinct?

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Rainforest Plants
Control Actions

Continue operation and maintenance of PC Main Screening System.
Continue operation and maintenance of Egret Marsh Stormwater Park.

to during Stormwater Pollution MS4 waters of the state, systems, and Relevant Activities sedimentation into County Design Identify and map places and locate outfalls.
Continue to work to Decrease erosion and And Construction Related Activities

Design, bid, and replace the No. 1 conveyor system at PC Main Screening System
Change three inlet station divider walls in PC Main Screening System to facilitate ease of operation and boost efficiency
Maintain a pilot plant study for a regional aquatic plant based nutrient removal centre and begin preliminary system layout and design
Entire design of Osprey Acres Floway and Nature Encourages
start construction of Osprey Acres Floway and Nature Preserve
Complete design of the North and South Relief Canal Excavator System for water lettuce and debris removal
Construct and start functioning of the North and South Relief Canal Excavator System for water carrot and debris elimination
Entire 45th Street Oyster Reef design together with Coastal Engineering
Build 45th Street Oyster Reef in conjunction with Coastal Engineering
Continue monitoring water quality on the Indian River Farms Water Control District’s North, South, and Main Relief Canals

Stormwater Education and Florida Outstanding Screening System to Decrease pollution site inspections.
Continue to work with County Surveyor to waterways.
Run and maintain Egret Marsh Stormwater Park

Proceed to implement Best Management Practices Comply with limits.

and PC Main
Begin educational promotions for Agricultural runoff and Equine manure. Add Osprey Marsh Nutrient Removal Facility.
Proceed to station illicit discharge reports to the proper department staff.
Continue to present Enviroscape Model to colleges, clubs, and camps from the County, encouraging stormwater pollution prevention.
Host the “Let’s Chalk About It: A Healthy Lagoon” chalk competition at another ecological event.
Further instruct County workers on the Fertilizer Ordinance and stormwater pollution, including the IDDE certificate course.
Further the “IRC Summer Camp for a Sustainable Future” into a larger set of middle schoolers.
Produce a “Stormwater Academy” for adults to learn more about stormwater and County efforts to reduce pollution to the Lagoon.
Engage local pet companies and veterinary offices in the Dog Poop Pledge to educate reducing nutrient loads to the Lagoon.
Enhance public stormwater education activities.
Projects salvage yards centers, Stormwater Enforcement In roadway Residential developments, building sites, and jobs

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